German Cinnamon Stars

Ho Ho Ho, it´s christmas time. I can´t believe how fast this year went by! I feel like we just celebrated christmas a few days ago… how can it already be christmas again?!

Well, I don´t want to complain, I mean I do love christmas, at least I like the way the smell of cinnamon fills the air, I am always looking forward to the first snow. And what I love most about christmas time is the baking part of it. Continue reading

Honeymoon: From Miami to the Bahamas

So, the wedding is over. As much as I enjoyed it, I am also glad that we are now husband and wife and will have a little bit of peace and quiet again. Two days after our wedding we went on our amazing honeymoon. We booked a flight in the business class with Swiss Airlines and were sooo looking forward to checking out the seats, the food and the service there. We packed our bags and went to the airport only to find out that they downgraded us Continue reading

Just married

It is finally over. Yes, I know weddings are sooo beautiful and romantic and so on, but for the bride and groom they are also very stressful. I was soooo looking forward to this magical day but also I was looking forward to it being done and dusted. The whole day was a total blurr. And now that we have the pictures from our amazing friend and photographer Melanie Koruna  we can finally see what the wedding was like. Continue reading

Nailed it! I passed the final exam!

Okay I finally did it. As I told you in my earlier post I failed the first practical exam by only a few points, so I had to retake the exam pay all the fees again and go trhough a three day torture again. No, I am just kidding about the torture part. It was a lot of fun actually. This time we were only three contestants and one of them was a friend of mine, the other one a rather nervous but very nice little lady. Continue reading