Finally, The Pastry Programme Is Over!

*Sigh*  It has been a rough couple of weeks… 5 weeks to be precise! 5 weeks of baking, learning, mixing and decorating. And let me tell you- I am done! We were producing so much that at the end of the day I had no idea what to do with all these cakes and tartes. So I just gave them away to strangers on the train station or my neighbours or my collegues from work.

The programme was rather compact. It was devided in a few topics like chocolate, patisserie, cakes and tartes, sugar art and a few hours of theory. I was able to get a glimpse of each and every aspect of what we will have to do in the final exam and it is not just a little bit but a whole lot to do – in a very short amount of time. We will have 16 hours time in total, to make our so called “Master Piece” which is basically either a chocolate or a sugar sculpture, or in my case a 4 tiered wedding cake, 6 different kinds of little pastries (6 pieces of every flavor), 6 different kinds of praline (12 pieces of every flavor), 5 different kinds of cookies (12 pieces per flavor), 3 different salads, 12 little marzipan figures  and 2 different types of glazed cakes with a nice decor and a few words in a nice font. Also we have to set up a decorated table for presentation afterwards. Pew!!!

Here is an example table we made during the pastry course…


20170210_112837 20170207_101632 20170207_10163620170207_101644

These were just a few examples of the way the table is supposed to look at the end of the exam. I am positive that I can do it but it will be a lot of work. Still, I am soooo looking forward to the exam 🙂

20170124_162811 20170125_114503 20170125_114526 20170124_083133 20170128_102212 20170128_102638 20170128_102012 20170128_102715 20170130_095159 20170210_101309_003 20170210_090305 20170210_110945 20170210_112854 20170130_133059 20170210_090249

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