Yeah… the title says it all. I failed my final pastry exam because of 3 lousy points! For those of you who don´t know – the exam consists of 3 parts: 1. The written exam, 2. The oral exam and 3. The practical exam which is the one I unfortunately failed.

We had 3 days to prepare a list of things and to present it to the judges. The time was not the problem for me at all but I just didn´t spend enough time figuring out what kind of “masterpiece” I would like to do. We had to choose between preparing something out of sugar, chocolate or making a wedding cake. You only have about 2,5 hours to prepare it and it has to be 55cm high or more. I just couldn´t figure anything out which is why I sat on my desk til the middle of the night on the second day of the exam trying to figure something out when I should´ve done it weeks before. That was what killed me in the end.

I took it with dignity, I picked up my other certificates and walked away. But I actually didn´t cry at all. Instead I searched the internet and found another exam directly in my city and I sent an email asking to participate and I actually got in. So this means more work, more practice and more time and energy – but this time I will definitely make it!

The pastry exam is a really big deal for me. I mean I gave up my studies at the university for another carreer and I really want to be big as a pastry chef. There were some people who thought this idea would be bad and I would give up a nice life as a teacher for working over hours and always being stressed out. There were also people who said I shouldn´t open up my own place because there are so many pastry chefs who did that already. I never understood this kind of thinking. I mean all these people who are successful and who opened up their own place, a cafe, a bakery, a restaurant or those who had a wild idea and just went with it and are now rich an successful –  they had to start somewhere, right?! So why do people constantly tell me not to go with my gut? I know that I have a bigger passion for pastry than most of the people I know and I know that I can be great. But success and failure just belong together. And not only does it make you stronger, but it makes you more committed and it gives you strengh, you have to work much harder and learn even more and that´s how you get better than the rest. That is why I did not shed a tear when I heard I didn´t make it this time, because I know that I can and I will be better. I even said to my colleagues that the judges shouldn´t let me pass the exam because what I delivered wasn´t nearly as good as it could have been.

So now, I will create more desserts and I will practise on and on and I know I will make it next time.

Don´t get discouraged if you fail. It only mean that you will be better the next time. As long as you work hard and you know what you want – you will get it one way or another 😉

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