Yummy English Muffins


Baking things with yeast was always a bit scary for me. For some reason I just couldnt bring myself to try and bake with it because I always thought it would be the most difficult thing to bring the yeast to rise. When I took the pastry classes we obviously learned how to bake bread and sweet yeast baked goods and this was when I finally thought to myself “This is not that hard”. But still I couldn´t bring myself to try it at home by myself. Also, for some reason I am super afraid of making mistakes which is why I prefer to bake alone at home all by my lonesome so that if for some reason something will fail or burn or not turn out the way I inteded it to –  I can simply get rid of it and pretend it never happened. I would open all the windows in my apartment to get rid of the smell of food, to get rid of every trace that there was something happening in my kitchen so that if Patrick comes home he wouldn´t dare to ask if I baked something. This is pretty pathetic hahahhaa but it´s true.

That´s why I started to bake a few things with dry and with fresh yeast to overcome my fear of failing – and it worked! This post will show you how I managed to make some rather delicious english muffins. And let me tell you, they were perfect! So fluffy and nice but also firm and chewy… I ate a lot of them until I had stomachache but it was soooo worth it.

Me and Patrick we were making eggs benedict, therefor I needed the english muffins. It was a day of firsts. We made our first sauce hollandaise (actually we made it twice because the first one was disgusting hahahah), we made our first poached eggs and I made my first english muffins…

But I can tell you this is a foolproof recipe that you can do in your sleep. It is really very easy. It will work even if you make the stupid mistake I did of not warming the milk XD



But now,  let´s dive into the recipe…

You´ll need:

  • 450g Flour
  • 7g dry Yeast
  • 1 Teespoon Salt
  • 1 Teespoon Sugar
  • 225g warm Milk
  • 55g warm Water
  • polenta


  1. Mix together all ingredients except from the polenta und kneat the dough until it´s all well combined.
  2. Set it aside for about 45 minutes at a warm place (I always put it in the oven at 30°celsius) and let the yeast do its job.
  3. As soon as the volume has doubled kneat it again, roll it out, take a round cookie cutter and cut out circles.
  4. Pour the polenta on you baking pan or something else and put the round dough pieces on it. Let it set for another 20 minutes.
  5. Now you´ll have to take a pan and heat it up with some butter or vegetable oil and just bake the muffins for a few minutes on every side until they are golden brown.
  6. Enjoy!

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