Basics: Simple Syrup

This simple syrup is a real treasure. You can use it for so many different things and more importantly you can flavour it with all your different kinds of flavours. I mostly use the syrup to moisten my cakes. You just cook it, let it cool for a bit and than either let it drip over the cakes or take a baking brush dip it in the syrup and then press it on you cake base. I like to flavour it with different kinds of alcohol depending on what kind of cake I make. For example if I make a vanilla cake base I like to put some amaretto into the syrup and pour it onto the cake base. But like I said, you can flaour it with whatever kind of flavour you like. You can either put in flavours after you cooked the syrup or if you want to put mint in it or maybe some kind of flowers you can just put it in while it is cooking to extract the flavours.

Aside from pouring it on your cake base you can use the syrup as an edible glue for cake decorations or just use it to sweeten your pastry creams or what so ever.

You´ll need:

2 parts of sugar and one part of water.

For example: 200g suagr and 100g water.

This will be the plain sugar syrup you see in my picture. Just put the sugar and the water into a pot and cook it until all the sugar crystals have dissolved.

If you want the syrup to be thicker just increase the amount of sugar to 2.5:1 or even 3:1. If you want it to be a little bit more runny increase the amount of water. Easy peasy. Enjoy!

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