Nailed it! I passed the final exam!

Okay I finally did it. As I told you in my earlier post I failed the first practical exam by only a few points, so I had to retake the exam pay all the fees again and go trhough a three day torture again. No, I am just kidding about the torture part. It was a lot of fun actually. This time we were only three contestants and one of them was a friend of mine, the other one a rather nervous but very nice little lady. The time was more than enough this time and also it was such a relaxed vibe in the exam room. The judges came by a few times to chat with the lady who was overlooking the exam. Everyone was so chill and mellow. I was finished quite early which is why I helped the nervous lady because unfortunately she was nowhere near finishing. Surprisingly she still passed, although we all had the feeling the judges were taking pitty on her, but honestly I think that is okay because she was over 40 and really very skinny and weak looking. She couldn´t go through this exam again. So we all passed and now I am officially a certified pastry chef. It is so exciting, I can´t wait to open my very own patisserie and pastry shop. This will be amazing!

Okay, I will insert a few pictures of my pastries for you and then I am going to celebrate with my mom and my wonderful fiancé.

Stay sweet and talk to you soon!


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