Just married

It is finally over. Yes, I know weddings are sooo beautiful and romantic and so on, but for the bride and groom they are also very stressful. I was soooo looking forward to this magical day but also I was looking forward to it being done and dusted. The whole day was a total blurr. And now that we have the pictures from our amazing friend and photographer Melanie Koruna  we can finally see what the wedding was like. We were so lucky with the weather. It did not rain once, the sun was shining and there were a few clouds, just enough to keep our guests from roasting in the sun:)

We started the wedding day by getting a nice and relaxed breakfast in our hotel ( which was also our wedding location)

It was hard to eat something because I was a little nervous. But I managed to eat at least a bit of fruit and a slice of bread 🙂 Afterwards I went up to my room where I met my friends and family to get ready.

We had two ceremonies. One was outside and it was the one for the law and another one in the beautiful church on the other side of the Donau. So after the first ceremony we cut the wedding cake, which I made myself. Since we got married on a sunday we thought that eating the cake in the early afternoon and in between the two ceremonies would be the best idea. This way people won´t be too hungry and can enjoy the rest of the day better. After having cake and coffe we took a ferry over the lake and got married again in the church.

This was when we were surprised by Patricks friends from his hometown who drove for 2 hours and when we stepped out of the church there they were, holding their instruments and playing some really nice tunes for us.

After a little snack and a short break our guests went back to the wedding venue while patrick and I went for a ride with our friend and photographer for the wedding shooting.

The day came to a wonderful end with a 5 star dinner at our wedding venue and a great dj who played all the right tunes.

Stay sweet and talk to you soon!

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