Honeymoon: From Miami to the Bahamas

So, the wedding is over. As much as I enjoyed it, I am also glad that we are now husband and wife and will have a little bit of peace and quiet again. Two days after our wedding we went on our amazing honeymoon. We booked a flight in the business class with Swiss Airlines and were sooo looking forward to checking out the seats, the food and the service there. We packed our bags and went to the airport only to find out that they downgraded us to the economy class because the business class was suddenly full. Appearently there was a cancellation of an earlier flight which was why they transfered the passengers to our flight. So we had to fly economy….! I was NOT amused. But it was fine anyway because we were on our way to the best honeymoon ever. After we were in the air  for a while the perser was looking for us. He apologized for downgrading us, brought us champagne, a favour bag and swiss chocolate. That actually made the flight so much better.


Our first stop was Miami. The hotel we stayed in was right at the beach. I asked my aunt (who lives in Miami) to inform the hotel that we were on our honeymoon. They were soooo sweet. They gave us their best room with an amazing view on the top floor and lined the way to the bed with rose pedals. On the bed there was a heart made of rose pedals and a chilled bottle of champagne was standing right next to a plate of chocolates and strawberries. It was very romantic. It wasn´t too late when we arrived so we went to te beach to take a little walk and watch the sun go down.

The next few days we were pretty much just going to the beach, eating a lot of great food (mostly at our favourite Diner the “Eleventh Street Diner“) and driving around Miami with our rented white Mustang sports car.

The time flew by and suddenly we found ourselves at the airport again. There was a tiny little airplane waiting for us. It had only 30 seats and would fly for only 25 minutes. This plane was gonna take us to paradise. Afterwards we had to take a boat to our hotel. It was the Hilton Bimini Resort.

There was not much to do for us. It was your typical Honeymoon resort. It was huge but very romantic and modern. The cool thing was – it was so new that not a lot of people knew about it. Which meant that we were pretty much by ourselves the whole time we were there. It was just like in movies – blue sky, turquoise water, sun shining and noooo other people around. The perfect honeymoon with the perfect man. The resort had everything you could´ve asked for. A casino, a little grocery store, you could rent tiny golf carts to ride around, but it was all very expensive. And since it was only a two minute walk to the beach we didn´t feel the need to spend way too much money for a golf cart only to drive for 2 minutes.


This resort is a real insider tip, at least for now it is. It was the most amazing vacation we have ever had so far and we really want to go back someday. Not too soon, because there is a lot more on our travelling list 😉




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