Linzer cookies

These are traditional austrian cookies called “Linzer Augen” which basically means linzer eyes. This is because they traditionally have three little wholes where the jam is displayed. I chose to make them with little stars, hearts and circles. They are fairly easy to make and you can fill them with anything you´d like. I for one chose apricot jam and also nutella 🙂

If you too want to make these delicious cookies you will simply need to prepare your basic shortcrust pastry some jam or nutella or anything you would like to fill them with and a little bit of confectioner´s sugar to sprinkle on top.

First of all preheat the oven to 180°C. As soon as you have prepared your shortcrust you  simply have to roll it out on your kitchen counter. please make sure to sprinkle a bit of flour on it before you roll out the crust. Now take you cookie cutters, cut out the cookies and put them on your baking rack that is covered with a baking sheet.

Bake them for a bout 6-10 minutes depending on your oven until they are light golden.

Nou you just need to let them cool for a few minutes, take a sieve and sift the confectioner´s sugar on the cookies the go on the top (the ones with the differently shaped holes in it).

I you want to fill them with jam you can either use the cold jam, or you can heat it up for only a few seconds in a pot or the microwave and fill them with hot jam. If you heat the jam up what happens is that the pectin starts to work, the water in the jam will evaporate and the jam will be thicker and won´t run out the sides of your cookies. That´s why I always heat up the jam befor I fill the cookies. If you want to use nutella you can just use it as it is. Just take a butterknife or a small spoon and spread the filling on the botton of your cookies. Now take the top cookie and press it lightly on the filling. Et Voilà!


Stay sweet and talk to you soon!


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