About Me



Hello! My name is Alisha. Pleased to meet you^^

I am a in Vienna living, travel loving, always baking, freshly washed clothes sniffing dreamer who tries to make it as a baker. I moved to Austria for love and I enjoy the daily life with my husband.

I love to travel, doesn´t matter where, i love to eat and I constantly try out new and delicious places. Vienna is such a vibrant city, full of good food and adventure and I want to discover every last corner of this beautiful city!

My life at the moment basically consists of planning my own pastry shop, working to pay the rent, and trying out all kinds of recipes to stay on top of the ever changing trends in baking.

If you like baking, cooking, wedding tipps and tricks, shopping, or one or another slice of life story to relate to then I am sure you´ll have a great time reading my blog 😉