Basics: Simple Syrup

This simple syrup is a real treasure. You can use it for so many different things and more importantly you can flavour it with all your different kinds of flavours. I mostly use the syrup to moisten my cakes. You just cook it, let it cool for a bit and than either let it drip over the cakes or take a baking brush dip it in the syrup and then press it on you cake base. Continue reading

Yummy English Muffins


Baking things with yeast was always a bit scary for me. For some reason I just couldnt bring myself to try and bake with it because I always thought it would be the most difficult thing to bring the yeast to rise. When I took the pastry classes we obviously learned how to bake bread and sweet yeast baked goods and this was when I finally thought to myself “This is not that hard”. Continue reading